SW 35: Happy New Year!

SW 35: Happy New Year! {2.26.18}

Happy 2019! I realize it is [the end of] February.  I know we aren’t exactly saying that to people on the street anymore, but it’s the first time we’ve spoken this year so it seemed appropriate.

So what’s been going on with me? Here is the quick nutshell version.  Kids went back to school.  I have yet to forget a pick up time or place, but  to be clear this has only happened once and it was last semester and we will discuss this at another time.

Let’s see I turned 35 earlier this month, and was what some would call a shit show.  By some I mean all my friends and family, and by shit show I mean I cried spontaneously, was overly sensitive and impossible to please.

What else? Oh my husband started Whole 30 and invited me to come along.  I’m kidding.  He would never do that because he knows one week in I would be Miranda Lambert throwing my salad at a poor passerby.

I did however decide to join a “fitness challenge” at my gym that requires me to go 19 out of 30 days.  I’m currently on day 8 and have serious plans on skipping tomorrow.

As you can see things are as about as exciting as ever!

Picked a few good headlines from the year… will be back soon.


An Oscar’s Breakdown  

And the Host Is.  No one.  Last night for the first time since 1989 (apparently that was a train wreck click HERE) there was no host at the Oscars.

The Oscars.  If I am being super honest- I didn’t watch.  I fell asleep.  I had already seen all the dresses (JLo being my favorite obviously), and had a sneaking suspicion the Bradley Gaga love fest was not going to play until the end.  So I did what all red blooded millenials do- I googled all the good stuff this morning.  Here is the breakdown I have for you {in order of importance}:

Gaga and Bradley Sitting in a Tree: The duo really delivered in the performance that has the entire world on FIRE.  Everyone is talking about.  Did they almost kiss at the end? Maybe! One thing is for sure, if Bradley’s baby momma, Irina, was Latin, Gaga would no longer be with us.  At least in Cuban women, the jealous rage is real. #facts Check out the performance HERE.

The Fashion: There were so many different looks.  I went through most of the lists, Harper’s Bazaar pretty much nailed it with their Top 10 click HERE

but in case you want to see a few of the other looks from last night here is People’s,Vogue, and E!.

Vanity Fair After Party Fashion: Because the after party fashion is kind of more important than who won the show.  Check out the Vanity Fair Red Carpet Arrivals HERE.

The Winners: Full List HERE

Chrissy Tiegen is a Godess: as usual- in my favorite moment of the entire night, Chrissy Tiegen pushes John Legend out of the photo.  Check out the hilarious momentHERE.

Standouts of the Year So Far 

We Didn’t Start the Fyre.  This year started off with a big buzz around the Fyre Festival or AKA the #FyreFraud. I mean look at these two guys.  How could this have happened?  What could go wrong when you have Ja Rule and some guy named Billy MacFarland in charge?
                   Tale of the Dueling Documentaries.  If you have yet to see one of the dueling documentaries that were put out by Netflix or Hulu about the personified mayhem that occurred in the months leading up to #FyreFraud- it is definitely worth your time.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, the Netflix Documentary does a good job of cataloguing and setting a timeline for how and when things started to go very wrong.  They also shed light on the Bahamian workers, and other staffers, who arguably lost the most in this fraud.
Particularly this guy.  I would tell you what this guy was willing to do to save the Fyre Festival but some people may report me as spammy content.  See for yourself.  Trust.

Fyre Fraud: A Hulu Documentary does a good job in filling in the theory as to how this kind of fraud could be so successful.  They analyze the power of influencers and social media on this generation.  More importantly they also let you know how much Jerry Media (the producers of the Netflix documentary) had to do with the viral promotion of the festival.  They break down how this insane social media induced ponzi scheme played out, and have an exclusive (BUT paid for) interview with Billy MacFarland.

The Ultimate Fab 5 Performance.  Jonathan, Bobby, Karomo, Tan and Antoni went onto Lipsync Battle and magic ensued.  There was a Britney tribute and a Beyonce tribute that will bring nothing but unadulterated joy.  Click HERE

The Marie Kondo Effect.  Thrift stores can actually no longer take us sparking joy.  Since Netflix released the organizing series, Goodwill reported a 42% increase in donations.  Check out the article HERE.

I Don’t Want No Scrubs.  Is Weezer making all of our dreams come true, again, with another cover?! The answer is YES! They have gone and remade arguably TLC’s greatest hit and it’s obviously amazing!

TV Addict Update  

As we have established, time and time again, I watch too much TV.

What’s on my list to watch next? Russian Doll (Netflix) just caught the first episode, and it’s dark and twisty and really smart.  Natasha Lyonne is one of my favorites.  Will report back soon.
Have a suggestion? Let me know

Abducted in Plain Sight: (Netflix) I watched this documentary over the weekend, and the story just keeps replaying in my mind.  I have started to take a deep dive to write a post about it, because it leaves you asking yourself WTF over and over.  However in the mean time I would suggest watching it, especially if you are into the crime drama scene.  Even if you aren’t, it’s worth watching if you are feeling like you’re doing a shitty job as a parent.  Turns out you could definitely be doing it worse.

Whiskey Cavalier: ABC can find any genre, with any script, and any director and so long as it stars Scott Foley- I will most definitely watch it. Basic, right?  When I first saw the commercial for this series, I thought it was a joke.  ABC and Scott Foley could not be coming out with something so cheesy and predictable.  Well, just saw the first episode on Hulu, and it was watching Jake Ballard be a traffic cop.  My prediction is this show gets one season- unless there is a drastic turn of events in the next episode or two.  Try it for yourself premiers Wednesday, February 27 (ABC).

a person who cheats
Jimmy and Gwenyth have a lyric battle- and it ends with Gwenyth getting sprayed with water in the face.  I have to admit- I really really enjoyed that more than I should have.
Jimmy Fallon joins the cast of Hamilton, Puerto Rico for the opening of his show.