Nutshell: FX created, but on HULU, Lil  Dicky created and stars, don’t let this stop you, should definitely still watch, great for anyone, hilarious, super smart, music, some romance, 30 minute episdodes

CB Rating: 9.3

Let me tell you how much I wanted to hate this show.  No rational reason. My hate spun strictly out of principle. Not just any principle, marriage principle. Any one who has been married for a while knows- you cannot back down. Ever!

About three years ago my husband, Bobby, came home talking to me about a “rapper” named Lil Dicky.  He played me a song, and while I cannot deny that the beat was catchy (AF even), I just couldn’t get past the absurdity of the dick lyrics and his appearance.  Sorry Dave, I’m sure I am not the first or the last person to hand out that particular criticism.  It is not a knock either, your look just doesn’t scream “rapper”.

Anyway I dug in, and even when Lil Dicky started putting out some bangers, I could not admit defeat.  I could not be wrong.  This guy could not be a rapper.  Then he did that undeniably amazing song and video with Chris Brown, which I showed you guys last year (check it HERE).  So I had to sort of walk it back and admit he may be a talented rapper, but a TV show creator and actor.  Nope.  No way.  I mean look at the title image. I only agreed to watch the pilot to show Bobby how wrong he was about wanting to watch this. 

Guys, I’m going to say this loud so that everyone, especially Bobby, can hear me- I WAS WRONG.  Ugh, I hate saying that but I was so wrong.  Dave Burd, or Lil Dicky, is a seriously seriously talented guy.  This show (just like his music) is extremely well written, a little awkward and gross at times, but always funny.  The first couple of episodes are good but the show comes up a level in the fourth episode and just keeps getting better. 

I cannot tell you what a great surprise this was.  The season takes you through what seems like a biographical retelling of how LIl Dicky came to his success.  Each episode is so well done it’s smart, and has heart.  I am also a sucker for a show about music, so if you are a music fan there are a couple Benny Blanco cameos that will help put this over the top. 

So in conclusion, I was wrong here.  Don’t be like me.  Definitely catch Dave. 

Check out the full trailer for Dave HERE

Never Have I Ever…

Nutshell: Netflix, Teenage Angst, Highschool, Coming of Age, Mindy Kaling, light yet deep,

CB Rating: 9.4

What a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s the quarantine talking, but I have been having a hard time wanting to watch anything on TV these days. I mean, I did just get off binging Season 2 and 3 of Ozark (my blog/rant on this is coming next), BUT that is more to my point- I don’t want to watch anything too dark right now and it seems like most of the options are a little heavy.

Enter Mindy Kaling and the incredible new show she just developed for Netflix, Never Have I Ever. It centers around Devi, an Indian American sophomore, navigating life almost a year out from a horrible family tragedy, and on a mission to be not just well liked but extremely popular in her LA high school’s bubble.

In my opinion, this is one of Netflix’s best teen comedies. It is sort of like a Book Smart meets Super Bad or Mean Girls but sweetened with a little bit of what makes Mindy Kaling great. It has her honest, colorful, and always hilarious take on growing up as an Indian girl in America.

All ten episodes are ready to stream and are each only 25 minutes. My husband won’t admit this to you, but he liked it. I caught him not reading his book and even laughing at all the right moments. But he will for sure still tell you it was awful if you ask.

I will say it again, I absolutely loved it. The show has heart and guts.

We watched the entire season yesterday. Don’t judge, it’s quarantine but if you really want to judge- my kids were playing nintendo the entire time.

Watch the trailer HERE

Happy watching!