Do You Podcast?

You hear everyone talking about them.  All over your day people are saying “I heard it on that podcast.”  You smile and nod, but on the inside you are wondering why in the world you still haven’t figured out how to listen to one.  Something about the whole podcast thing seems complicated and the universe of available podcasts is vast and growing every day.  It’s completely understandable to feel a little lost.  Or maybe it was just me?

One night out at dinner, my husband and our friends were going on and on about this podcast they all listened to, and I finally just blurted out “How the hell do you all know how to do this podcast thing?!”  My husband very calmly took my phone, patted me on my very aging millennial head, and showed me the podcast app.  Down the rabbit hole I went.

Now I know some of you reading this already know all about podcasts, and have your own must listen to lists (see below, please share).  However before we get into some incredible content that I love, I’m going to break down very quickly how you listen to a podcast for those of us who still haven’t been able to figure that out. 

The Apple App:

The podcast app is on your phone.  It’s one of those apps that Apple makes you have, but this one is actually useful: 

You open it up, and begin your journey.  Interested in a certain topic? Put it into the search and any podcast that has covered that topic pops up.  Interested in a certain person? Enter their name and all the podcasts they have appeared on will show up.   


If you have Spotify, they also have a great selection of podcasts to choose from.  They have more or less the same selection as Apple, but each service does have certain podcasts exclusively. (for example: The new Michelle Obama Podcast is only available on Spotify).  Again you open the app, scroll to the bottom of the home page and you will find some Podcasts available for you listen to. 

There are other services you can use to listen like Stitcher, Overcast, and Google but I think between the first two most people should be covered.

Not that anyone asked me or anything, but I thought I would also give you a few podcasts to start listening to.  You know just until you get your own juices flowing and find what you want to listen to.  Here are 10 of my favorites:

  1. Raising Good Humans Podcast: Dr. Aliza Pressman is the secret whisper in my ear now whenever I am looking for advice on how to handle any issues I am having with my kids.  
  2. The Armchair Expert: Dax Shepard brings on some pretty eclectic and interesting guests ranging from celebrities to psychologists, healers, and even geniuses.  He just recently interviewed Bill Gates, and I really loved that one.  
  3. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: If loving Oprah is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  She brings on the most outrageous guests, and gets them to open up in such a beautiful, and for lack of a better word, “soulful” way.  The Deepak Chopra episode was just, everything.  Sigh. 
  4. Latina to Latina: Alicia Menendez, has been interviewing successful and badass latina women for the last two years and bringing their stories to us in what is always a super insightful and beautiful conversation.  Alicia, is a current MSNBC host (one of their best), and one of my dearest and best friends.  So while I may have some bias, I would suggest you listen to any of the interviews and say you don’t find a great takeaway.
  5. Revisionist History: I will warn you before you listen to this one- Malcolm Gladwell is going to teach you something, and you won’t see it coming.  He takes moments in history, and current pop culture and challenges your view in an unexpected way.  
  6. Serial: Arguably the crime podcast that launched all other crime podcasts. Serial takes you through a true crime case each season. Juicy juicy for those true crime fans out there. Also here is an article with 50 more true crime podcasts for you to dive into!
  7. Unlocking Us with Brenee Brown: Brenee Brown is someone that grounds me.  I am not sure if you have heard of her or not, but let me tell you that Brenee is another voice in my ear that helps guide me through the day.  She has spent years studying shame and vulnerability and her insights are so clear cut and relatable.  Love this one! 
  8. How I Built This: if you like to hear stories of how great entrepreneurs got their start, this is the one for you.  The stories are usually pretty captivating and there’s always something good to takeaway.
  9. The Happiness Lab:  Dr. Laurie Santos teaches one of the most popular classes in Yale’s history.  She has some great episodes dishing out advice on how to form better habits and how to just find more happiness in your day.
  10. The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz: I’m a Miami girl at heart always.  This is my guy for sports.  I love this show, always have, since my dad used to make me listen to him on local sports talk when he was first starting out.  They always make me laugh, and keep me up to date on what is going on in the sports world in a way that makes me want to know, which for me is usually only during basketball season and if Tom Brady is involved. What? 

I listen to a podcast now when I go for a walk with the dog, when I’m cleaning around the house, or even when I’m in the car alone (LOL like this ever happens).  I do most of my listening in 10-15 minute increments, and I love it.  By the end of the week I know a new story, or have heard something cool that I never would have known otherwise.  

The podcast world is growing every day.  There are more podcasts being produced currently than almost any other form of media.  You can find some really compelling stuff to listen to, and you can also really find some hidden trashy gems.  Let me know what you’re listening to! I’m always looking for something new.  

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