A Procrastinator’s Guide to Kid’s Holiday Gifts

by Cristina | Last Updated: December 14, 2021

Procrastinators, Assemble!!!

Here we are, the holiday are upon us.  Here I am, late with a gift guide, but with a gift guide nonetheless.  I don’t know how, but Christmas has snuck up on me.  I am just not prepared.  Thanksgiving came in like a tornado.  Then I had Tristan’s birthday, and I blinked and it’s December 13.  Time to move.  

I have been getting a few messages here and there, and I know that some of you are on the same boat. We are the last minute night riders. We are what lift this economy up because we are so desperate to get gifts on time we pay double the asking! So hold your head up with pride and get ready to spend that money on expedited shipping.

I’m half kidding, I think if we get it done this week- we should be ok. Here are a few quick tips before you check out my list and journey on down your procrastinator’s yellowbrick road of gift buying:

  1. Make a list of who you are buying for and a budget
  2. If at first an item will not arrive on time from one site, don’t be afraid to copy the name of the item into google, and do a quick search for what other sites are carrying this item. You may get lucky.
  3. Always google the site you are using in search of discount codes. For example, “nike discount codes” you may find a small

Alright, here is my list of easy go-to items that are always a hit. Most importantly they are available for shipping before Christmas. Never let anyone tell you it cannot be done!

Babies ranging from 1-2 Category

Tricycle: I love this tricycle. I just bought it for my niece. It’s beautiful and tiny and perfect for them to learn how to move the pedals. It’s a gateway tricycle so it will carry them through until they are ready for something bigger. The best part is it will be here quick and easy. It’s one of those make you look like a hero gifts. Shop it HERE

Fun Bouncers

Can you imagine how fun it must be to ride your own unicorn or your own dragon? I cannot think of a better toy for a baby on your list than these amazing bouncers.  It’s a great price point between $30-38 which includes the pump.  I’ve given these to a few babies in our lives and they’ve always been a hit! Find them HERE

VTech Sports Center:  It’s a classic.  I love it because it is perfect for any baby who likes to move.  Gret introduction to sports and learning hand eye coordination. It was a long time ago, but I do remember that hand eye is crucial. It’s also a great gift for both parents and baby, because it keeps them entertained for a good 10-15 minutes.  The best part? It’s available for shipping! Shop it HERE

The 3-5 Year Old Category

Plasma Car: my kids rode this around the house, they rode it around the block, they rode it every chance they got. Such a great toy! You can play around and find it on Amazon anywhere between $40-$100 in different colors. Most are available before Christmas, and in my opinion will make you a Christmas/holiday hero. Shop it HERE

Magna Tiles: I cannot say this enough, Magna Tiles are an incredible gift. You can buy them a new set at each occasion, and they can build and build until they cannot build anymore. My kids are currently 8, 9 and 11 and I still find them sitting with these tiles and building. In this time of screens and Ipads, I find these tiles to be a breath of fresh air. You can start with a big set of 100 and grab a new set at a birthday or have a family member buy another set. One of my all time favorite purchases. Shop them HERE.

Imaginext Buzz Lightyear: Imaginext has built a universe of toys that almost every little kid I know has fallen in love with. The best part (IMO) is how all the pieces go together. This means if you buy one set, and then another the following year, all the pieces of each set can be used in the other. They can build an entire world out of these toys. My son has been using them for years. This year I would suggest their big Buzz Lightyear. Besides that it is still available for quick shipping, the movie is coming out soon so the kids will love it. Plus Buzz’s spectacularly cool space suit makes this impossible not to be a hit. However if this isn’t your kid’s thing- Imaginext has many different options available for you to look through.

procrastinator holiday gift guide
microscooter- procrastinator holiday gift guide

Encanto Toys: If you have not yet taken your kid to see this beautiful movie, then I will warn you it’s a banger. The kids are obsessed with this movie. I have to tell you, I watched it and I can’t blame them. The music is delightful and the movie is a mix of Coco and Moana in all the best ways. Bring your tissues. I would say that any and all Encanto toys are going to be huge and so fun. This Karaoke machine is available and I would advise you to only gift it to your own child or to a child of someone that you don’t like at all. The kids will love it, the music is so catchy. If you can’t stand the idea of all the singing, I would say to scroll through Encanto toys and see what is available. There is also the Encanto Casita and play set that you can find HERE If you haven’t seen the movie- absolutely get going!

Piggy and Gerald Book Collection: This series of books is gold in our home. Each of our kids learned to read with these books. Mo Willems is an absolute genius. Each of these books are smart and warm and the best part is the kids always learn a lesson. I love to give Piggy and Gerald voices when I read them to the kids, but of course you can do what you like. If the whole collection is too big, I would definitely pick a few and start there. We love: Waiting is Not Easy, There is a Bird on Your Head, and Elephants Can’t Dance. If you are looking for more book ideas, I wrote THIS post about all my kids most favorite books over the years.

procrastinator holiday gift guide
procrastinator holiday gift guide

Popup Tent: this castle tent was an absolute hit! I found it one year when the girls were little, as I was scrolling for gifts (obviously at the last minute). The girls absolutely lit up when they found it under the tree. It was their favorite place for years. It was a great price point (just around $20) and I loved that it could fold back up. You can get the basic popup tent, or look around and find one as fancy as you like. I’ve gifted it a few times over the years, and it never fails- Always a hit! More importantly always available for quick delivery! A procrastinator’s dream combo!

The 5-8 Year Old Category

Lego Build Your Own Set: I have found that these are always the gifts my kdis love the most. Maybe not in the moment, but over time they use these over and over again. I think specific theme sets are also great, but a little harder to find at a good price in crunch time. This Box comes with a good variety and lets them do their own thing. Shop it HERE

lego brick box procrastinator holiday gift guide

LOL Doll House: We got this for Dylan (8 year old) and she absolutely flipped out. If your daughter is into dolls, I would absolutely suggest a doll ouse for them this Christmas. Dylan still uses this one every day. She’s still really into dolls, and I could not love it more. Praise be. May she be into dolls for 10 more years. If your daughter isn’t too into LOL dolls, I still think this one works, but Amazon did have a few different options available to arrive before next week. Don’t forget whatever you buy- you have to build. Go with God. Shop this one HERE

Micro Scooter: This scooter is a little more expensive than others in this age group, BUT I will say that it is such great quality and really takes the kids from 5-10 without having to get a new one. They have almost every color, so you can take your pick. Have this at your door in two days, and no one will even know you found it here on this Procrastinator’s List! Shop it HERE don’t forget to google Micro scooter and see if another site has it cheaper!

Squishmallows: I don’t want to call this the toy of the season, but these are on the top of a lot of lists. My little circle of children birdies told me that this is the thing they want most. It seems like legit information because most of the good ones on Amazon are sold out. There are a few to be had. I don’t think you can go wrong, just try to find what you think your kid would like most. To give you a sizing idea: 16″ squishmallows are very big just will take up most of their little bodies, 12″ is a good size still big but not not as overwhelming and the 8″ are like a regular stuffed animal.

Popits: these are the new fidget spinners. Trust! The kids have been clambering for these all year, and now they come in almost any shape or character you can think of. I would absolutely try to get my hands on some of these. Great stocking stuffers or gifts for kids on your list that you just want to grab a little something for. Start your shopping HERE, almost all of them are available to arrive this week! Win!

The Bad Guys Series: My 2nd and 4th grader cannot get enough of these books. They are definitely at the top of the favorite list. If you are looking for a new book series, I would definitely suggest this and the set makes a great gift. However since we are procrastinators, you may have to order each one individually to get yourself going. The individual books are available for shipping this week, you may have to do a little research to find the rest. If you are looking for more book ideas, I wrote THIS post about all my kids most favorite books over the years.

The Big 9-11 Category

It starts to get a little more challenging as they get older. They become less interested in toys and more interested in things that are smaller and cost way more. Even though, my oldest daughter (11) is still asking for squishmallows and popits on top of the Iphone, Beats and computer she wants. Here are a few suggestions that I think won’t break the bank but they will love.

Nintendo Remotes: If you are looking for your big ticket item, the Nintendo Switch is still available for delivery before Christmas. We haven’t graduated our kids to an Xbox or any other system. However I found these cool wireless remotes and our kids love them. They’re bigger than the remotes the Nintendo comes with and you can get them in different players or different shapes. Check them out HERE

Kindle: for your little bookworm. The kindle has become a big hit for the kids, my oldest daughter is completely obsessed with hers. There is also an app that allows the kids access to a library of books, so you aren’t constantly buying new books. Kindle has been hard to find on Amazon, but I have found a few at Target that can be here by Monday the 20th- score one for the good guys. Find it HERE

Harry Potter Bookset: We all fell deep into the wizarding world of Harry Potter when Blake, our oldest, started reading the series. It’s been such a gift. While I feel she has become a little too invested in this world, I could not be happier than to watch her fall so in love with reading. You can get the set HERE and they are beautiful and make a great gift for any kiddo out there who is looking to fall into a new series or whose parents want them to read more.

Garmin Vivofit Watch: This is a great watch for the kids. It counts their steps, tells the time and it gets here just in time for Christmas! You can order the different bands so they will never be board. Such a great gift idea and in my experience, the kids get really into it. It’s here by Monday, add it cart! Click HERE to shop.

Dribble Up: This company makes a soccer ball and a basketball that can hook up to an app, and it gives your child instruction of how to practice different skills. They are currently on sale for $59 and promise to arrive before Christmas. Check out their site HERE

Final Reminders

Remember that we are all out here doing our best. Don’t over-do it. The thing with procrastinators, at least in my experience, is that we go completely overboard to make up for waiting until the last minute. Stop yourself. These kids really just want to feel special. Find a few things that show your kids you’re listening.

However if you still want to get a few more things remember Nike is always a good stop to grab some sneakers or gear, and if you really just want to go for it Robux!

May the odds be ever in your favor friends.