Best Shows of 2020

by Cristina | Last Updated: December 31, 2020

At this point we have seen all the memes about 2020, and thank God for them because they made this year even remotely tolerable.  The one that really struck home for me was the one about how this all could have been so much worse if it happened in 1995 and were at the mercy of that horrible TV guide channel.  I can still feel the pain of turning on the channel and just missing the information I needed, so I had to sit there and watch the entire guide go through again.  

I mean if we are going to be quarantined, this seems to be the time do it.   Imagine being quarantined, beach is closed, restaurants are closed, you’re fighting with your families constantly over what is and what is not safe, people you know are sick, homeschooling your children (when you’re terrible at math), worrying about our businesses, a presidential election- and only had MTV Real World to get us through.  Right? Nightmare.

Thankfully, we had so much more than Real World.  2020 was soul crushing in many many ways, but there was a lot of entertaining shows that came out this year.  Our TV pulled through. These are my top 8 that I feel you must absolutely watch if you haven’t already.  I mean what else are we doing? We have some more couch time ahead.

  1. The Morning Show: (Apple TV) Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell, and an amazing Billy Crudup return.  It’s loosely based on Matt Lauer, but the writing is clever and almost every scene you are moved to re-examine a position or see a different perspective.  The acting is incredible, and did I mention Billy Crudup is back?!
  2. Little Fires Everywhere: (Hulu) Based on the best selling book, starring Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Joshua Jackson (yes Pacey).  It’s a mystery over who started a fire, but takes you through difficult family topics and race in such a deep and moving way.  
  3. The Undoing: (HBO) a murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end.  Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant (like you have never seen him) star alongside Donald Sutherland and his eyebrows.  Side note, his eyebrows steal the entire show whoever is responsible for styling them deserves a raise! You must see this show just to see Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe if for nothing else.  
  4. Ted Lasso: (Apple TV) I cannot stress this enough, this show is an absolute must.  The writing on this show is enough to move even the grumpiest person to a smile.  It is hard to even really capture in any amount of words how subtle yet magical this show is.  It’s the exact thing we humans needed in a time like this.  Run if you have not watched this one. full review HERE
  5. The Queen’s Gambit: (Netflix) this show wins you over almost as quickly as Beth Harmon (main character) can outsmart someone in a chess match.  It’s smart, and completely outside what you are used to watching.  There is also such a special attention to detail in each scene from the backdrop to the clothes.  It’s just such a great watch. 
  6. Tiger King: (Netflix) It’s an absolute dumpster fire or a documentary, but you have to watch it.  I mean at this point most of us have right? But this is for the one or two of you who think you need to hold off or it isn’t for you.  This should not have been for anyone, but you cannot stop watching.  For the record, Carole Baskin totally killed her husband.  There is no other alternative. 
  7. Never Have I Ever: (Netflix) Mindy Kaling is the mastermind behind this gem of a show.  This show!!! I loved it so much, I watched it twice.  Once alone, and once when I forced my husband and he unanimously agreed that this show is great.  I’m a sucker for a highschool drama, and this one had all of that but so much more.  It was funny and full of heart.  Not to mention it is narrated by John McEnroe which in it of itself should be enough of a hook for you to check it out.    Full review HERE
  8. My Octopus Teacher: (Netflix) This is a documentary that just sneaks up on you.  In a year where we all had so much struggle, this documentary really shows you that we are resilient.  It’s beautiful and profound, and I am convinced more than ever that octopus are aliens and we don’t deserve their majestic presence here.  Great to kill an hour or so and there is so much for you to take from it. 

Honorabe Mentions: Normal People (Hulu), The Fight Attendant (HBO Max), Bridgerton (Netflix and AMAZING)