HBO’s Succession

by Cristina | Last Updated: October 15, 2019

Nutshell: HBO, Drama, 2 seasons, 10 episodes each, one of the only two shows I can get Bobby to watch with me, life styles of the rich and famous meets Empire sprinkled with a little awkward The Office humor.

CB Rating: 9.6

Update: Season 3 set to premiere this Sunday, October 17 on HBO Max

Should you watch this show? Let’s put it this way, since watching I have been walking around practicing my Scottish accent just so I could correctly imitate Logan Roy’s poetic “fuck off”. By the way this means you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD WATCH.

Who is Logan Roy you may be asking? He is the main character, whom you hate while simultaneously really desperately want him to like you. This show is layered like a big beautiful yellow Spanish onion and it is excellent.

I started watching a little after the second season began.  When all the TV birds are whispering about the same show, you have to watch it.  The birds did not disappoint. Even Bobby [husband] got in on this one. 

It’s a story centered around Logan Roy, who is a Rupert Murdoch-esque type man, and his family. Logan’s family consists of his new wife, Marcia, and four kids Cameron, Kendall, Roman and Shioban. The story goes in circles around the big question, who will take over for dad and run this billion dollar media company when he either dies or decides to step down (Classic!).  

The premise may not sound as sexy as a blonde mother of dragons losing her power hungry-mind and burning down cities.  Not as exciting as a CIA operative who falls in love with a prisoner of war turned spy. BUT I found myself pacing during a board room scene. I am telling you, pacing like I was watching The Battle of the Bastards, and we are just watching a bunch of people in boring suits softly yelling big legal terms.

This show has a little bit for everyone. In another scene one of Logan’s sons, Kendall, full on raps at a fundraiser. It was not particularly good, but I am not afraid to admit that by the end I had my hands in the air like I did not care “L to the OG”.

If this isn’t enough to peak your interest, I will present to you this: Cousin Greg

Cousin Greg, the egg

I don’t want to hype Greg too much here, but to me anyway, Greg is the sneaky star of the show. He is always able to give such a great sprinkle of reality in all the absurdity that is going on around him. The banter between Greg and Tom may actually be the sneaky hero that keeps you going throughout the show.

I would definitely tell you to go to HBO Max and binge this show immediately. It has everything you want in a good drama: an irreconcilably broken family, a peak into how the insanely wealthy live, really extra weird sex stuff, some pretty stellar awkward humor, and a theme song that is so epic it has spun off multiple samples and internet remixes {check some of those out HERE}.

If you disagree,