Netflix Movie: I Care A Lot

by Cristina | Last Updated: March 10, 2021

Nutshell: (Netflix) Rosamund Pike (Girl from Gone Girl), Peter Dinklage (all hail Tyrion Lannister) and he is strong AF, a bunch of unlikable people doing shitty things, and I think it’s just an OK movie.  I think you’re better off using the time to watch Thank You For Smoking, oldie but a goodie, about some unlikable people but at least it had more of an arc. 

CB Rating: 4.8

The story seems pretty straightforward.  Marla Grayson cares a lot about hijacking the elderly and stealing all of their money.  It’s disgusting and you are watching in utter horror that someone can be so terrible.  Then you think you might not even like this show, and then boom.  Enter Peter Dinklage and you’re done.  Hook.  Line.  Sinker.  It is now impossible not to finish a movie where Tyrion Lannister is balancing on steady rings like a gymnastics prodigy.   However the more of this movie you watch, the more you will just want it to end.

A marvel to witness

Rosamund Pike is a badass.  That is not up for debate, but even her amazing performance and bob cannot save this movie from being just, well, meh.  

Her bob is on point though

I bring up Thank you for Smoking (2005, Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Katie Holmes) in the Nuthshell for two reasons.  One, I hadn’t seen that movie in a long time and it’s amazing.  Anyone reading this who has not seen it, would be better off watching it instead of this movie.  The second reason, is I Care A Lot has a lot of the same storyline as Thank You For Smoking.  Both follow characters who are despicable, and do horrible things for money.  However at least in the Katie Holmes movie, there is an arc.  The main character tries to change.  Here in this movie, you have no idea who to root for, and it ends the only way it can.  Predictably. 

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