Never Have I Ever… the series

by Cristina | Last Updated: May 3, 2020
never have I ever the series is a must watch

Nutshell: Never Have I Ever, the series on Netflix, Teenage Angst, Highschool, Coming of Age, Mindy Kaling, light yet deep, James McEnroe, partner approved

CB Rating: 9.4

Rotten Tomato Score: 97%

Never Have I Ever, the new series on Netflix is an absolute breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s the quarantine talking, but I have been having a hard time wanting to watch anything on TV these days. I mean, I did just get off binging Season 2 and 3 of Ozark (my blog/rant on this is coming next), BUT that is more to my point- I don’t want to watch anything too dark right now and it seems like most of the options are a little heavy.

Enter Mindy Kaling and the incredible new show she just developed for Netflix, Never Have I Ever. The series centers around Devi, an Indian American sophomore, navigating life almost a year out from a horrible family tragedy, and on a mission to be not just well liked but extremely popular in her LA high school’s bubble.

In my opinion, this is one of Netflix’s best teen comedies. When I see teen comedy, I mean based on teens but totally appropriate for women in their mid thirties. It is sort of like a Book Smart meets Super Bad or Mean Girls but sweetened with a little bit of what makes Mindy Kaling great. It has her honest, colorful, and always hilarious take on growing up as an Indian girl in America. Even more than that just what it’s like growing up as a girl in America.

All ten episodes are ready to stream and are each only 25 minutes. My husband won’t admit this to you, but he liked it (loved it). I caught him not reading his book and even laughing at all the right moments. But he will for sure still tell you it was awful if you ask.

I will say it again, I absolutely loved it. The show has heart and guts.

We watched the entire season yesterday. Don’t judge, it’s quarantine but if you really want to judge- my kids were playing nintendo the entire time.

Update June 2021: I have now seen the entire series three times, and I regret nothing

Watch the trailer HERE

Happy watching!