Surviving Weekly XII: 6.4.18

by Cristina | Last Updated: June 4, 2018

Summer is Here… Again

This is the last week of school in our house, and I do not feel I am mentally prepared for what comes next.  We say this all the time, but how is time moving so fast.

When I was a kid, I vividly remember it never being summer.  I am pretty sure that the school year was 340 days and we got about 20 days to have fun on spring and summer break.  Now as an adult I feel like these kids are just always off.  It was just last summer, how is it summer again?!

Between Netflix and perpetual summer these kids have it made. In our day we had to flick through the channels and pray to find something we wanted to watch, and then gasp sit through the commercials EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Now my kids have 3 days left of school and don’t you dare let a commercial come on or shit will go down.

I’m praying for you all as school finishes and we then have all their little eyes staring at us demanding to be entertained.

Bachelor Nation- Assemble! Last week Becca K met her band of merry men that will take her on her journey to find love and her “happily ever after.”  For those who didn’t catch the season premier or my IG story, it was extra.
If I’m being brutally honest: there’s 1-3 viable candidates.  The other 12 men are definitely just for the producers to toy with.

  • Becca is not off to the best start, being that Garrett, the lucky man who got the first impression rose is being called out by the entire internet [literally the entire internet] for liking some pretty hateful stuff on Instagram.

Read the whole recap here.

Anyone Want to Hear a Scary Story 

My husband and I went to dinner with some of our best friends recently when one of them casually mentioned Roanoke.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  She casually metioned Roanoke.

Have you ever heard of the Lost Colony of Roanoke? Good because I hadn’t either.  To be clear neither had anyone in the restaurant because we asked.  So she proceeds to explain how they were the first settlers from England, and that one day they just disappeared.  No one knows what happened to them.  There was not a trace of the 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children, nor was there any sign of a struggle or battle. The only evidence they found was the word “Croatoan” carved on a board and the letters C-R-O carved on a tree.

Naturally I left this night not believing this story about some lost colony.  Surely had there been a lost colony I would have known.  Then yesterday while I was reading some news, THIS article came up in my feed.

I jumped into a serious rabbit hole on this one and Here is a short video explaining what went down “allegedly” at Roanoke.

Random Stuff That Happened Last Week

An amazing thing happened this week proving once again that anything we want is really just one good twitter trend away.  A beautiful soul named Mary (only 14 years old), very politely asked Weezer  to do a cover of Toto’s “Africa”.  And Weezer did the only thing a band can do when given such an OUT OF THIS WORLD request- they did it.  Check it out here.

Kanye West dropped his latest album, ye- and it’s genius.  Obviously.  It’s available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.  The 7 songs on the album also happen to be the 7 most streamed songs on Spotify and Apple- imagine a world where you can have an epic Twitter meltdown and then a week later drop one of the most listened to albums ever.  America!

Carlos Santana and his wife rocked the National anthem last night for Game 2 of the NBA finals.

A 4th grader covers John Lennon’s Imagine and it has gone viral.  Catch it here.

Did you read that article I wrote about all the Teen Beat Heartthrobs and where they are now? Well you can do that right now.

Also Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and DJ Khlaed made a song and it’s called “Dinero”.  And I realize I will always and forever crush hard on JLo because she’s one of the only people that can grill wearing lingerie and covered in diamonds and not get burned. Click the video or right HERE to watch the full video.

Netflix & More TV 

As we have established, time and time again, I watch too much TV.
It’s why I tend to look for what has been cancelled so I don’t get too emotionally involved [I am aware what I sound like].  It’s been released here is every show on TV right now and whether it’s coming back. 

What’s on my list to watch next? Killing Eve (BBC America), The 100 (CW- shhh stop judging), and Barry (HB0).  
Have a suggestion? Let me know

13 Reasons Why: I just wanted to quickly retract my recommendation of Season 2 of this show.  I had not finished the entire season and upon further review- I cannot in good conscience suggest this show to anyone.  The last episode was very heavy and disturbing- and quite honestly gave me nightmares for a few days.  So if you do decide to watch this, please take it easy. 

Younger: Season 5 of Younger is back tomorrowJune 5 on TV Land!!! 

Riverdale: Season 2 is now on Netflix 

1: having a smooth rich flow
2filled with something (such as honey) that sweetens
Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay about farting called “A Letter to a Royal Academy About Farting.”  It dives into why different foods cause different odors and everything.
“There was a time when we completely operated without phones.  We’re addicted to our phones”
This week was a little slow so here are two #throwbacks for anyone who needs a solid laugh.
Jimmy and Justin #bff #hilarious #theycantstop
James Corden + Elton John

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