Easy Egg Bites

by Cristina | Last Updated: January 24, 2022

These Easy Egg Bites are one of those game changing recipes. It has everything you are looking for in a recipe it is ridiculously easy and it’s delicious. I love that you can have them just for the everyday breakfast, or even whip them out for a fancy brunch you are hosting.

Easy Egg Bites

You’re sitting there saying, Cristy, why is it that all your recipes are titled “easy”? Well the major key to the survival of the parenting hunger games is finding recipes that work for this fast moving life. If the recipe isn’t easy, or if it takes too long to make you aren’t going to do it. Not just that, it’s going to add stress. The last thing any of us need is more stress.

We do however have to feed these circus clowns. So I bring you the Easy Egg Bites. So easy they only need three ingredients. They are so easy you only need those three ingredients and a working oven.

What are the three ingredients your Easy Egg Bites need? Glad you asked- 1- eggs 2- ham 3- cheese. That’s it. Now do you believe me when I say that these Easy Egg Bites are actually the easiest thing you will do, ever.

What if I told you that on top of being so easy that these Easy Egg Bites can also be stored and reheated next day. So you can make these Easy Egg Bites and then serve them for the kids the next day. I can’t even make it up. This will be your new breakfast go to.

I’ve been asked if you can switch out the ham for something else, like bacon. Bacon would totally work. Cut the raw bacon in half and use 4 pieces to create a cup in each muffin hole. You don’t want to use too much bacon in each Egg Bite because it could be a little too rich or “bacon-y”. Trust me it’s a thing.

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